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How to effectively move out of state without putting a hole in your wallet

It’s no secret that moving is expensive. Between hiring a moving company, buying packing supplies, and paying for a new place to live, the cost of relocating can quickly add up. If you’re trying to move from a state without creating a deep hole in your wallet, then you are on the correct blog.

Things you can do to keep moving costs down

1. Research

Consider your finances before moving to another state without money. The cost of living can vary greatly from city to city, and you may find it hard to get affordable housing or find employment in this market if that’s what interests you most about the place where you live now. Research is never a bad idea, especially when you are undertaking something as big as moving to another state.

2. Be practical

There are so many things to take into consideration before you make the move. Make sure that your finances and living situation will support you for an extended period. Even if it means making temporary sacrifices in other areas, such as food or entertainment costs. And you have to do this while getting established on new ground with employment opportunities nearby. Don’t back-step, just do it. Your future self will thank you for the sacrifices you are making right now.

3. Check your finances

While you want to save some money, you should first check how much you already have. Plan your budget for the move. By pre-deciding a budget, you won’t end up spending more than what you can actually spend.

4. Create extra finances

One thing that will help you with your move is creating extra finances. Luckily, there are many ways to do that:

A. Selling

Most people accumulate a lot of stuff in their homes that they do not actually need. A great way to make extra money is by selling some of these items! This will help you gather extra money and save time and money on packing materials.

B. Part-time jobs

Right after you decide to move, search for a part-time job. This way you will generate a decent amount of finance which will support you for your future and lessen the burden of moving expenses. In this day and age, there are many jobs that will allow you to make instant money that can help you out quite a bit.

C. Job in the new state

Before you move into your new state, search for a job there. If you don’t have one lined up, you may get behind financially, as you will end up spending a lot in the state for simply living. It is a great idea to look for new opportunities before you even move!

5. Look for money-saving ways to make moving easier

A. Free moving supplies

To save money, look for free moving boxes and other supplies. If you have kept the old packaging of appliances, they will come into use now. Do not buy new packaging if you can avoid it because it can become very expensive. Also, search for people or vendors who can provide free moving supplies. Many local businesses have plenty of boxes that they will give you for free!

B. Seek help

Ask for help from your friends and family for packing and loading. Also, if anyone has a large vehicle, ask them if they can help you with that. This will reduce your burden of doing everything alone as well as the cost you may end up spending on these tasks.

6. Set a backup plan

Planning for the worst-case scenario is a sure way to make your move smooth and comfortable. What are you going through? For example, if it looks like there aren’t many options in terms of housing or food, you can utilize your skillset while job hunting. Some places even provide help with finding temporary accommodations until something more permanent becomes available. So don’t be ashamed at all by asking others for help.


In this blog, we have explained how one can move to another state in the most affordable way! We hope these tips help you out on this new adventure.

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