Climate Controlled Storage

Climate-Controlled Storage: Do you need This?

Climate-controlled storage is a great way to protect your belongings from extreme weather conditions. But do you really need it? Here’s what you need to know about climate-controlled storage so you can decide whether it’s right for you:


Climate-controlled storage units are a great way to protect your stored items from damaging heat, cold, and humidity. These spaces have consistent temperature and humidity levels that are set by management. The level is designed to keep any items inside safe from extreme cold, which can cause items to crack, and extreme heat and humidity, which can lead to mold, mildew, and insects.


You might need climate-controlled storage if you live in an area with extreme temperatures and humidity. Items like collectibles or antiques may suffer damage without consistent temperature and humidity items. This also applies to items such as papers, books, and electronics.

There are 5 types of climate-controlled storage:  

  • Humidity-Controlled Storage Units
  • Temperature-Controlled Storage Units
  • Air-Conditioned Storage Units
  • Heated Storage Units
  • Air-Cooled Storage Units

The following are some of the belongings that should be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit:

  • Antiques
  • Electronics, like computers and speakers
  • Artwork and sculptures
  • Televisions
  • Medical supplies and medications
  • Office equipment, like high-speed printers
  • Mattresses
  • Bicycles with leather seats
  • Books and magazines
  • CDs, DVDs, videos, vinyl records, and other forms of media
  • Photographs
  • Coins, comic books, stamps, and other collectibles
  • Fabric items, including stuffed toys and upholstered furniture
  • Bags of clothing, particularly those made with lace or leather household appliances
  • Irreplaceable documents
  • Leather, metal, wicker, wood, or upholstered furniture
  • Sporting goods and equipment
  • Wine
  • Metal items susceptible to rusting
  • Toiletries, including makeup


  • Area where you’re going to store your items – Climate-controlled storage can be the perfect solution for you if your items are being stored in a region with extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Items that you are going to store – Besides the items listed above, consider your precious belongings. Determine how valuable they are and if climate control is something that will keep them safe from damage.
  • How long you will be storing the items – It’s important to consider how long you need for your items to be stored and if climate changes will become an issue during this period of time. Consider renting a climate-controlled unit to prevent any damage from occurring because of these rapid shifts.
  • Type of items you will be storing – For items such as furniture and electronics (especially ones with sensitive components), climate-controlled storage is your best option.
  • Whether the storage facility comes with security – Security should be a top priority for any storage unit that holds high-value items. Make sure the facility offers 24-hour surveillance and/or individual security systems to protect your precious memories and belongings.


You can find climate-control storage units in many shapes and sizes. The cost will depend on what you need it for, how long your rental period is going to be as well as the geographic location of where that unit resides at any given time. Some locations offer promotions from time to time as well.

The cost of the climate-controlled storage unit can be anything between $90-$180 depending upon the quality, size, and features it comes with. In some cases, climate controlled units may be more expensive than units without this protection.


Is it worth getting a climate-controlled storage unit?

Wood and leather furniture can be damaged in high temperatures. To prevent this, store your items in a climate-controlled storage unit for extra protection against fluctuations in temperature levels that may cause warping or cracking of these materials. The cost is higher than traditional units, but if you want peace of mind knowing they’re safe from harm, then it’s worth considering.

Can a storage unit be used as a warehouse?

If you’re looking for a space to store your belongings, then it’s important that the storage unit is allowed by law. You might think all units are the same but there are some restrictions on which ones can be used as workspace and others won’t let anyone inside unless they have an appointment with someone or something specific in mind.

Do storage units get broken into often?

Theft and vandalism at self-storage facilities are serious problems. An increase in break-ins has prompted some businesses to install fencing around their properties. 


Climate-controlled storage is a valuable amenity for many people. It’s important to consider what belongings you want to keep in climate-controlled storage and how long you will need the unit. The cost of climate-controlled storage can vary depending on the company, so it’s important to do your research. This blog post provides information that will help you make an informed decision about whether climate-controlled storage is right for you.

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